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A number of publications were published on paper and are not available on the web. Other publications were published on the web, but it is possible that the website in question is renamed, or deleted, or that the link does not work anymore.

Some publications are not available on this site.

Tussen kernenergie en kolen. Een analyse (life cycle analysis of the generation of electricity from fossil fuels and uranium) Ekologiese Uitgeverij/Intermediair Bibliotheek, Amsterdam, 1980 (book, Dutch)


Energie-analyse van en PWR kerncentrale Report at request of the Dutch government. Rapport voor de Stuurgroep Brede Maatschappelijke Discussie Energiebeleid te Den Haag, Chaam, 14 September 1982 (Dutch).


Atomstrom - ein Energiedarlehen? Gruppe Ökologie, Hannover/Braunschweiger Arbeitskreis gegen Atomenergie, Hannover/Braunschweig, Mai 1984 (book, German).


Contra-expertise kernenergie co-author: Cees Daey Ouwens

Deel van: Duurzame energie: een toekomstverkenning, Krekel VanderWoerd Wouterse, Rotterdam, 21 July 1987 (Dutch). (report to the Dutch government)

Nuclear Uncertainties. Energy Loans for fission power,

Energy Policy, pp. 253-266, June 1985. Download


Coming Clean. How clean is nuclear energy? co-authors: Wim Kersten, Peer de Rijk & Alexander de Roo background document for UN Climate Conference CoP6 at The Hague, 13-24 November 2000, GroenLinks in the European Union/The Greens/European Free Alliance, Utrecht/Brussels, October 2000. Download


Powering the Future,

Infrastructure Journal, summer 2005. Download


A nuclear power primer, June 2005



Publications by the Oxford Research Group, London, UK, 2006 - 2007

Energy from uranium Download

• Factsheet 4: Energy security and uranium reserves nDownload

Secure energy? Civil nuclear power, security and global warming Download Briefing Paper, co-authors: Dr Frank Barnaby, James Kemp, Paul Rogers, Prof. Keith Barnham


Nuclear power – the energy balance, August 2005, update February 2008

Co-author: Prof. Philip B Smith

This report is the basis of this study and is frequently referred to in other studies; it is no longer available on this site, for reason of important updates made after 2008. These updates are included in the monograph reports and focus reports, downloadable from this site. The original report is still available on the site:


Nuclear power: energy security and CO2 emission, Download

Submission to the Australian Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review Task Force, 9 December 2006


Uranium from seawater nDownload

Appendix E2. IPCC Working Group III, Fourth Assessment Report, First Order Draft for Expert Review, 27 January 2006


Atomstrom ist keine Lösung für Klimaprobleme und Energieknappheit, Download

Energie und Umwelt, Dezember 2006, https://www.energiestiftung.ch/


Nuclear 'will not halt CO2 crisis' Download

Interactions 0406, April 2006, Newspaper of the physics community, Instititute of Physics, London, UK, www.iop.org


Interview by the Swiss television: Kassensturz, SF 1, Sendung vom 06.03.2007


New debate over nuclear option,

Business Week, 26 March 2007



Las nucleares emiten CO2

El Mundo, 29 march 2007, www.elmundo.es/elmundo/ecologia.html


Uranbrist ger CO2-utsläpp Download

interview by Kerstin Lundell, Process Nordic, 5 Maj 2008


End of the days of ore? Download

Nuclear Supplement, The House Magazine, London, UK, 24 November 2008.


De l’uranium jusqu’à quand·? Lorsque nous tomberons dans le gouffre énergétique

Sortir du nuclaire no 37, Dec-janv 2008 Download

< Reseau-Sortir-du nucleaire_article6422-2.pdf >



‘La energía nuclear y la calentamiento global’ Download

Chapter XVII in: Barcena I, Lago R & Villalba U (eds)

Energía y deuda ecológica, Icaria editorial, Barcelona, March 2009, ISBN 978-84-9888-035-9 www.icariaeditorial.com


Partitie en transmutatie van radioactief afval

(Partitioning and transmutation of radiactive waste) Download

report to Greenpeace, Amsterdam, April 2011 (in Dutch)


Nuclear power in its global context, Download

< TYPESET_GLS4_Paper-1 > ISSN 2052-0018 (print)//ISSN 2053-3667 (online), Geographical Locality Studies, 2016, Volume 4, number 1, pp.726-787.



A new Paradigm Download

Presentation at NPRI Symposium ‘Nuclear Power and Global Warming, Warrenton, VA, (USA), 7-8 November 2005.


Climate change and nuclear power, Download

transcript Download

Institute of Physiscs (IoP), London, 9 March 2006, www.iop.org



Climate change and nuclear power Download

CERN, Geneve, Zwitserland, 3 april 2006 http://ihp-lx2.ethz.ch/energy21/Links.html


Nuclear power and global warming Download

Seminar Kernenergie in de 21ste eeuw. Realiteit en beloften, (Nuclear power in the 21st century. Reality and promises), Brussels, Federaal Parlement, 19 Oktober 2006, Greenpeace, WWF, IEW, Bond Beter Leefmileu, Voor Moeder Aarde, www.uitstapkernenergie.be/, www.greenpeace.org/belgium/, www.tegenstroom.nl, www.antenna.nl/wise, www.nirs.org


Energy from uranium Download

Oxford Research Group, London, 17 May 2006


Energy from uranium. Uranium supply and the future of nuclear power Download

Oxford Research Group, London, 21 June 2006


The energy cliff Download

Royal Society, London, 16 October 2006


Uranium availability and the energy cliff Download

WISE, Amsterdam, 9 november 2006


Future energy supply, a physical view Download

Flamco, Bunschoten, 11 September 2008


Nuclear power, the glossy pretender Download

Climate change, energy security and energy debt, Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA), Conference 2008/9 in conjunction with Mayors for Peace, Manchester Town Hall, June 11-12, 2009. www.nuclearpolicy.info


Kernenergie: de lange termijn (Nuclear power: the long term), Dutch Download

WISE, Amsterdam, 3 februari 2009


Kernenergie - de lange termijn (Nuclear power: the long term), Dutch Download

WISE masterclass, Amsterdam, 2 september 2009


Nuclear power, the glossy pretender Download

Is Scotland right not to develop nuclear power?

Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA), Seminar ‘What are the key nuclear issues for ‘nuclear free’ Scotland?’ Glasgow, October 23, 2009. www.nuclearpolicy.info


Nuclear power, CO2 emissions and energy balance nDownload

Energoclub & Terrafutura, Conferenza: Scoprire il Nucleare, Firenze, Fortessa di Basso, 30 May 2010. www.energoclub.org/page/archivio-nucleare


Kvanefjeld/Kuannersuit uranium mining Download

Nuuk (Greenland) - Copenhagen (Denmark), 22-25 March 2014


The inconvenient practice of nuclear power Download

XXVIII Conferència Catalana per un Futur sense Nuclears I Energèticament Sostenible, Barcelona, 14 May 2014


Nucleaire gezondheidsrisico's in vredestijd Download

Lectures (in Dutch) to medical students at the Vrije Universiteit (VUmc) Amsterdam on health risks of nuclear power in peacetime, Amsterdam, 2009 - 2014.


Kernenergie en klimaat (Nuclear power and climate) Download

lecture + discussion (Dutch), conference WISE 40 years, Amsterdam, 16 November 2018



Uranium mining on Greenland, a case study


Uranium mining at Kvanefjeld, a case study Download

report based on the lectures by the author at the conferences at Nuuk (Greenland) and Copenhagen (Denmark), 22-25 March 2014,


Uranium mining at Kvanefjeld (Greenland)

Interview by New York Times (Saskia de Rothschild), 28 July 2015


Mining at Kvanefjeld Download

Comments on: Kvanefjeld Project. Environmental Impact Assessment, Greenland Mineral and Energy Ltd, draft October 2015, prepared by Orbicon AS/S, report, Ceedata, 22 January 2017

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